martes, 12 de junio de 2007


(Cipher Productions, 2004)

"(…) The actual content that is not less amazing: Astro is the solo project of Hiroshi Hasegawa who is best known for his work with C.C.C.C. They're one of my very favourite noise bands, and I must say Astro isn't too far behind. I would call this psychedelic noise, as it's clearly noise, but it's kind of "soft" sounding (not weak by any means) and droning, and there's all kinds of echo effects and the sounds come in slow waves. It's probably made on analogue synthesizers and effects pedals. All frequencies are utilized well and the tracks (one long one on each disc) are constructed with thought and care. “Shell Star” is for the most part more noisy, whereas “Spica” is more ambient. They're both cosmic stuff in every way, and you will float away with the sound whether you want it or not. Of course this is highly recommended." Dilettante's Digest.

"Two mini cd’s, near twenty minutes each, makes for basically a full album. Ambient Space Noise. Our man Hiroshi Hasegawa is in complete control. The sound penetrates the ether, sprays in the void and leaves trails in the chasm. Some very sublime moments here; from minute sounding electro-gurgle to the full raging voidworm tearing space to streamers. It's great to hear someone who knows how to really play a synthesizer instead of just treating it like an eccentric background sound or a glorfied keyboard. A very crisp sound recorded loud for extra noise pleasure. Lots of echo on this giving it extra cosmic oomph. The missing link between Power Electronics and Klaus Shultze. This is what the universe really sounds like, so get used to it, it'll be all you hear when you die. Editions are limited sadly (you should see the packaging; very classy), but this one is worth it." Taped Crusaders.

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