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STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS - In The Morning Twilight
Live at Hagateatern. Goteborg, Sweden (25-06-05) (KD007)
(Kning Disk, 2006)

"Live recording by the guitar legend that manages to be both straight-ahead and experimental, a fitting tribute to the scope of influences Junghans has absorbed and extended through his career.
With the exception of “(Excerpt) Waters I-III” which features a 12 string slide, the other five tracks here consist of Junghans on a simple six string acoustic guitar. The longer tracks, like “(Excerpt) from 7 Books” and “Last Days of the Dragons”, are the most interesting, with Junghans expanding delta blues through Henry Flynt/Derek Bailey-esque harmonics and odd changes, creating a centered drone that is moving and cerebral. Of the shorter tracks, “Charlette” has much the same effect.

Like his contemporary James Blackshaw, Junghans is both poetic and gritty, willing to take chances as well as pay homage. This live set does both, in stunning fashion". (Mike Wood, Digitalis)

Steffen Basho-Junghans - In The Morning Twilight (KD007)


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neuroraptus dijo...

Este disco es buenisimo...y el artista u maestro..además es muy simpatico...un beso engrudo,siempre un placer leerte!

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¿Me podría decir alguien cuál es la contraseña, por favor? (aquí o en prozakc_blues@hotmail.com)

Gracias por adelantado

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hello! could you please tell the password?

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aargh password please this looks great

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the password is

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