miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008


AIDAN BAKER - Concretion
(Angle Rec, 2007)

"Concretion [the act or process of concreting into a mass; coalescence] features 3 long tracks of experimental/ambient guitar & voice. Track 1 starts with backward-looping, murmuring guitar, which 'decays' into something of a choral hymn, which in turn 'decays' into feedback/noise. Track 2 is a looping/deconstructive version of 'The Huron Carol', a traditional 17th Century French-Canadian hymn. Track 3 features a simple guitar pattern slowly building and morphing as the signal loops & decays through a tape echo effect. First net/mp3 offering from the .Angle.REC. camp. Re-release of a now hard, if not impossible to find early milestone in Aidan Baker's prolific output. Originally released as a limited edition Cd-r on the now defunct DTA Records label in 2003 [DTA 012]. Now is your chance to (re)-discover this gem in Aidan Baker's solo material".


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