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TAKESHI NAKAMURA - Strange Animals
(Entity, 2007)

"Takeshi Nakamura, who's been making quite the name for himself on various netlabels (Zymogen, Digital Biotope, Play-Code...), can certainly be relied upon should you be looking for avant-garde sonic investigations.
"Strange Animals" is made of curious harmonics that were meticulously assembled through what i would guess are alien Max/msp or Reaktor patches. The tracks' structures are at first hard to identify as most of the rhythms are quite unorthodox, until (in some cases) a more familiar rhythm manages to put ongoing sounds in a new perspective.
Other tracks show an equally glitchy approach to sounddesign and do not fail to present the listener with the most peculiar soundenvironments.
If anything this release is not easy-listening, but the execution of it all is interesting, original and entertaining. I for one will continue to watch mister Nakamura as he steadily continues his path towards glitchmastery". (Entity)

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votispo dijo...

Hola, quería saber si hay alguna posibilidad de que volvieran a subir los discos de Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.), pues los links han caducado...
Aprovecho para saludarlos y darles las gracias por tan buen material!!

Un saludo!

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Oktopus dijo...

hOLA ENGRUDO MUY bueno el material que estas cargando ultimamente...se lo agredece...los N/N, pasate por aca talves algo te sirva...nosotrosnada.blogspot.com....recien arranca...